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IcePets: Raffle + Trivia + Trophies

Raffle Result

This weeks raffle was won by alphashad0w.

They received 1,264,500 IP!

Trivia Result


Trivvy has a new question for you! Click here to try question #230. Trivia #229 was answered correctly by 8 people!

Game Trophies

The latest trophies have been awarded, and the leaders are as follows:


trophy-catch-gold.pngFirst Place, with a score of 204:



coined-trophy-gold.pngFirst Place, with a score of 65360:

coined-trophy-silver.pngSecond Place, with a score of 50000:

coined-trophy-bronze.pngThird Place, with a score of 10240:


Ice Breaker

ibb-trophy.pngFirst Place, with a score of 46975:

ibs-trophy.pngSecond Place, with a score of 1770:

ibg-trophy.pngThird Place, with a score of 1620:


Ice Snake

No leaderboard scores for this game.

Jar Match

jarmatchtrophy-plain-gold.pngFirst Place, with a score of 1273:

jarmatchtrophy-plain-silver.pngSecond Place, with a score of 897:

jarmatchtrophy-plain-bronze.pngThird Place, with a score of 870:


Red vs Blue

RedvsBluetrophy-gold2.pngFirst Place, with a score of 28:


Sharshel Says

sharshel-says-trophy-gold.pngFirst Place, with a score of 2850:

sharshel-says-trophy-silver.pngSecond Place, with a score of 550:

sharshel-says-trophy-bronze.pngThird Place, with a score of 50:



trophy-survivor-gold.pngFirst Place, with a score of 180:


Ichumon: Battle Royale

NightForestBeast.pngmedalgold-1.pngAnne won last week's Battle Royale with a time of 127 seconds! All who completed the Battle Royale have been awarded their cP prize and first, second, and third place have also won trophies for their profiles.

Sign up your Ichumon in this week's Battle Royale Contest!

You will need to kill 17 Aleon in the Battle Royale Map as fast as you can. The quickest user to complete the battles will receive the top prize of 25,000 cP!

Powerpets: Game Trophies!

Congratulations to the following Card Game Trophy Winners:
First Place Card Player: Pink-Steel
Runner Up Card Player: -tiger-tiger-

If you want to be a winner, play the card games bonus games!

Dicey Mice Badges
Dicey Mice Diamond Badge: waffle_crumbs

Dicey Mice Titanium Badge: SweetFire

Dicey Mice Leather Badge: Abbyss

Mini Match Badges
Mini Match Diamond Badge: SweetFire

Mini Match Titanium Badge: goodwitchev64

Mini Match Leather Badge: MizTik

Crash Extreme Badges
Crash Extreme Diamond Badge: chiquitabonita8

Crash Extreme Titanium Badge: SweetFire

Crash Extreme Leather Badge: HappyHollow2016

Mini Bubbles Badges
Mini Bubbles Diamond Badge: -tiger-tiger-

Mini Bubbles Titanium Badge: Abbyss

Mini Bubbles Leather Badge: digimon_tamer_

Bubbas Blocks Badges
Bubbas Blocks Diamond Badge: SummerMaple

Bubbas Blocks Titanium Badge: Austria

Bubbas Blocks Leather Badge: Buliwyf

Ichumon: The Moon is shuddering...

Alexia and Alice have both summoned new forces to the Battlefield!

Alice's personal guardian, The Binary Winged Angel, has arrived in the battlefield! This is the strongest of all Alice's defenses, and will do anything to conquer anyone who dares to stop Alice from returning to her Palace!


Alexia's strongest pet, the Mutated Hex Demon, is no slouch either. Ranked first general in Alexia's army, this Demon is a force to be reckoned with!

The battle is almost over on the Moon's Battlefield. If you have what it takes, go to the Palace of Alexia and fight those powerful opponents!

Powerpets: Most Caring People!

Congratulations to the following people for handing out the most treats and toys this month:
First Place: QueenFlower
Second Place: fifercats

If you want to win, hand out as many treats and toys to other pets as you can! The next draw will be on the 15th of next month.

Flight Rising: The Fathoms Return!

The overlaid text reads - Fathoms Return! The Unfathomable Odyssey rekindles old alliances. The banner has an orange and blue patterned dragon with a long snout, webbed ears, and display fins under its chin. Behind the dragon is a kelp forest background.

After the search for the Tidelord dredges up a bubble of dire portent, many Fathoms return from their oceanic journeys to assist the efforts of the dragon clans of the continent.

Unfathomable Odyssey
The Unfathomable Odyssey has concluded after the dive expedition uncovered the scattered remains of a prophecy bubble from the Tidelord! With many mysteries left to solve, some pods of Fathom dragons have chosen to cease their voyaging for now and continue to help investigate. Thank you to everyone who participated in what we felt was a really exciting and collaborative experience.

New Modern Breed: Fathom
All participants of the Unfathomable Odyssey event can collect a Voyager's Map (Clanbound) and Voyager's Chart (Clanbound) from the Unfathomable Odyssey event page. These account-bound items will spawn one male and female dragon respectively.

An image of two adult and one hatchling fathom dragon. These dragons have a sleek body with webbed hands and feet. Their wings are composed of multiple fanned segments, and their finned tail is split bilaterally. These dragons have a long snout, a display frill along their chin, and webbed ears. They do not have horns on their head, but do have a series of short spikes running down the length of their spine.

The Fathom is an uncommon breed (possessing a 25 day breeding cooldown) that eats plants and seafood. It can breed with all other modern breeds and wear all existing apparel. Dragon clans may learn about the characteristics of this modern breed in the Encyclopedia.

Fathom Dragons Encyclopedia Entry

Breed Change: Fathom are a rare drop from the Coliseum. Those who collect from Pinkerton's Plundered Pile and answer questions correctly from Tomo's Trivia Tablet also have a rare chance of turning up breed change scrolls. These acquisition methods are the permanent, long-term way to earn new Fathom breed change scrolls that will continuously trickle a steady stream of scrolls into players' hoards and allow them a new item to barter with in the Auction House.


If you encounter any errors in the Fathom breed, please report them in this thread and we will address them in a timely manner. This thread is for the new Fathom breed genes only.

Fathom Forum Vista
You can show off your Fathom appreciation by sporting the following forum vista, now available in the Treasure Marketplace:


New Emojis
A set of Fathom emojis are now available!


New Achievements
A new achievement Fathomless Appreciation is now available! To unlock this achievement, obtain a Fathom dragon through hatching, Crossroads, or the Auction House.

Baldwin's Limited Brews
Dragon clans with alchemy level 2+ have from now until Friday, June 21st at 12:00 server time to craft additional copies of the following event rewards. After this time, these rewards will retire and new copies of these items will no longer be created.


For this same one week duration, Baldwin will temporarily allow players of alchemy level 2+ to craft Fathom breed change scrolls. It will take time for the trickle of Fathom breed change scrolls from the Coliseum, Pinkerton, and Tomo to build a reliable auction house supply. Baldwin is stepping in to help provide an initial influx of scrolls so that all dragon clans who want to have additional Fathoms will not have to wait long to add them to their numbers!


Brightshine Jubilee Contest 12.png
The twelth annual Brightshine Jubilee will begin on June 23, 2024, and we're running a skin and accent contest in celebration! Click here for more information!

Brightshine Jubilee graphic text logo on a parchment background.

Ichumon: Persona of the Week


The Persona of the Week Contest has been judged! Congratulations to raptor_mama on winning this week's competition.

PersonaTrophy.pngThis week's theme: Sunset

Powerpets: Luck of the Draw Winners!

Congratulations to the following winners of Luck of the Draw, winning $100,000 PB :

If you want to be a winner next time, check out the Luck of the Draw - Available at the House of Luck in Badgeria!

Powerpets: Inquiring Minds

The poll booth has a new poll available for you.

This time, we would like to know:
Have you collected all the new Balloon Pop freebies for 2024?.

Go There: Poll Booth

Thanks for participating!

Flight Rising: Sunparched Prowl 2024

The overlaid text reads Sunparched Prowl, June 13-17, Meat Bounty, EXP Boost & Event Rewards! There is a wild-dog like creature with spotted fur and a scaled back that transitions into a tail that is a serpent's body and head. Behind it is a grasslands scene

The herds are on the move and their numbers are exploding. Novice and expert hunters alike will have an easy time taking game if they stick to tall grasses and rocky outcrops.

Sunparched Prowl 44.png
Sunparched Prowl, one of Flight Rising's quarterly "micro-holidays", is in full swing! From Thursday, June 13th (06:00 Server Time) to Monday, June 17th (06:00 Server Time), all players will experience a couple of battle-related boosts!

Bountiful Battles
For the duration of Sunparched Prowl, all Coliseum enemies will have the chance to drop meat food items in addition to their normal loot. Other site activities such as gathering, breeding, bonding, brewing, and visiting some of the trading post dragons will also yield a chance at meat! Dragon clans everywhere are taking this time to stock up on shanks, flanks, ribs, haunches, steaks, and more to keep them satisfied until the autumn.


Battle EXP Boost
During the event, all battles will yield 50% additional EXP, so now is a perfect time for dragons to train. Grab your newest team and head out into battle!

A Swarm of Treasures!
Dragonkind are not the only ones taking advantage of the burgeoning herds and expanding flocks. As the savannas, forests, and tundras play host to many more hooves than usual, calculating cats join the prowl. A couple species of wildcat use their expert eyes and noses to track small and large game alike, including the newly emerged Grasslands Chimera. For the duration of Sunparched Prowl, the lynxes will drop fairly commonly in the Coliseum and rarely during Hunting. Once the herds numbers have been responsibly culled, they'll go back into hiding, but there's always a chance you may run into one or two while Hunting. The chimeras will also drop from the Coliseum and rarely from all type of gathering activities.

Once the herds numbers have been responsibly culled, they'll go back into hiding, but there's always a chance you may run into one or two of the lynxes while Hunting.

A vista and scene have a chance to drop in the coliseum and many other site-related activities.


Seasonal Sidekicks 164.png
Sage's Seasonal Sundries has attracted new seasonal creatures! For now, spring reigns, but beginning June 22nd, Sage will begin celebrating summer and the Plumed Summertail will join her!


Brightshine Jubilee Contest 12.png
The twelth annual Brightshine Jubilee will begin on June 23, 2024, and we're running a skin and accent contest in celebration! Click here for more information!

Brightshine Jubilee graphic text logo on a parchment background.

Ichumon: What Am I Results

gamewhatami.jpg Last week's round of What Am I has ended.

The item description was: 62616e67 20776861636b20 706f7721
The answer was: Alexia IchuCard.

5 out of 5 Ichuans answered correctly.

A new round of What Am I has started. Good luck!

Powerpets: Snapz!

Congratulations to our Snapz! of the week winner: blueeyes

If you want to have a chance to win next week, make sure to keep your Snapz! updated and current for the season.

Powerpets: Mega Money Madness Winners!

Today's winning Mega Money Madness number is: 8515

There were NO winners.

If you want to be a winner next time, check out the Mega Money Madness under the GAMES icon.

Pocket Puma Pets: Puma Demos Update

Evo-Markings are now included in the demos!

Also called Evolution Markings or Enchantments

[ Puma Demo ] - [ LTD Puma Demo ]

The demos also got a visual update and the evolutions are now sorted into their own category.

After adding an evolution to your demo image you can click "Add Evo Marking" to begin previewing various evo-marks available for that evolution.


If you change the evolution, it will remove the applied evo-marks.
Even if the enchantment would apply to the new evolution, they will be cleared!

Its due to a limitation of our evo-marking system. So please be cautious and save your puma demo urls often!

Old blueprint URLs should still be compatible, but if you experience any issues please let us know!

  • Date Posted: 2024-06-12
  • Posted By: Quadricat
  • Link: Original Post

Ichumon: The Moon is quaking...

Alexia and Alice have both summoned new forces to the Battlefield!

It's not looking too good for Alexia's Palace, as it has sustained quite a bit of damage already. Alice has now called upon her Binary Defenders to attack the Castle with all their might!


Some of Alexia's Hex Larva have grown enough to be big monstrous Mutated Hex Insects! It is said that a simple buzz of their wings are powerful enough to destroy an entire army of Alice's binary warriors!

Each side's forces continue to grow more powerful by the minute! Who will prevail in this War for the Moon? Go help your team at the Palace of Alexia!

Strength does not increase after each fight with these monsters.

Use the "Contact" link for more information